This is what Charlize Theron’s son looks like now who refused to wear men’s clothing

Those photos received a strong response from a lot of online users.👀👀👀

Charlize Theron does not often go for a walk with her children. But recently it happened that the paparazzi noticed her on the street.

What fans of the star saw surprised them. They were shocked to see Theron’s son in women’s clothing. His choice confuses celebrity lovers.

As it became clear, the 14-year-old son of a famous star loves female images. He constantly refuses to wear boy’s clothes.

This time he decided to wear a simple women’s dress and braided her hair. Fans began to comment under the photos. Many criticize that the mother should not allow this because the son may have problems later related to sexual orientation.

The advice of the fans is the same: they advise the actress to entrust him with all sorts of masculine duties. It may be that the boy will change his attitude and finally understand that he is a boy and will behave differently.

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