This is the power of true love!: The four sisters in their 90s take care of their sick elderly sibling

This heartwarming story of five sisters made people believe in unconditional love

Misfortunately, this 97-eyar-old senior woman learnt that she had only several days to live. Once becoming aware of their sibling’s condition, her four kind-hearted sisters immediately flew and came to be by her side without even hesitating for a second. They simply wanted to fill the last days of their beloved sibling with love and positive energy giving her a reason to enjoy life.

True love actually recognizes no boundaries and when everything falls apart, love makes us be grateful for what we already possess.

This touching story about five sisters didn’t let anyone stay indifferent and made people believe in power of true love.

The unconditional love of sisters

It didn’t take them a while to rush to catch a plane and come to see their fifth sister who was unwell and had only few days to live her life in this world.

They did absolutely everything to make her feel happy and showed all their love, support and affection towards Hauff.

The sisters in their 90s even brushed her hair and were constantly warmly cuddling with their beloved elder sister. They strongly refused to leave her even for a second.

Appearing in the center of attention

The senior woman’s granddaughter’s heart cracked when she learnt that her grandmother had little time and mentioned that her grandmother wanted to stay at home and be accompanied with her sisters.

Luckily, she continued living for several months making her family feel happy.

Her granddaughter shared that her granny’s happiness recognized no limits when her sisters were by her side. No one could stay indifferent towards the touching story of the sisters.

Hauff explained that her four sisters and her have always been in a close and inseparable bond with one another.

The granddaughter of the elderly woman promised herself to take care of her siblings the way the sisters of her grandmother do at the moment.

The five sisters were really fond of doing things together and in their past they used to go shopping, to the church and gym together. Though they didn’t live together, they were daily chatting and talking on phone for hours.