This is how the girl with Barbie appearance looked before she radically changed herself

Meet the girl with doll appearance: Here she is before the transformation!

Here is Angelina Kenova, a 28-year-old girl born to a well-to-do and prosperous family where she has always been able to afford to meet all needs, reach her goals and realize cherished dreams.

Angelina has always paid too much attention to how she looked and desired to be the exact copy of Barbie. Currently, Kenova is the embodiment of today’s standards of female beauty and attractiveness among Russian girls.

The thing is that Angelina firmly claims that she has never undergone a plastic surgery, whereas when looking at the Barbie girl’s archival photos, it immediately becomes apparent that she definitely has.

How did you like her appearance before the transformation?

Do you think she has undergone plastic operations?

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