These are well-known French film stars who have changed beyond recognition since their first role

Here are iconic French actors who have greatly changed since their first role

French films have always been popular and adored by millions of viewers and admirers around the world. In these cult movies, men represent courageous, handsome and brutal characters, and women excellently play the role of delicate, graceful and feminine ladies. Each of them possesses a unique charm that distinguishes them from all the others. So today, we have selected 25 legendary actors and actresses from the French film industry in order to show how they have changed since their very first roles.

E. Green


M. Cotillard

V. Giocante


F. Ardant

J. Belmondo

J. Binoche

B. Magimel

L. Bourgoin

J. Dujardin

L. Casta


G. Depardieu

B. Bardot


C. Deneuve

P. Richard

Ch. Gainsbourg

J. Reno

S. Marceau

F. Cluzet

J. Birkin

Ch. Clavier


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