These are popular Hollywood actors and actresses who misfortunately lost their Oscar Awards

Here are well-known Hollywood stars who managed to lose their Oscar Awards

Being nominated for an Oscar Award is the cherished dream and greatest goal of majority of actors and actresses who succeed in their career in the film industry. Whereas there are also those who didn’t manage to value the statuette and, misfortunately, lost their Oscar Awards.

C. Firth

This great actor, after winning an Oscar “Best Actor” thanks to the film “The King’s Speech”, was one of those who, misfortunately, faced such a tragedy. The situation was as follows: straight after the nomination ceremony, his friends and him went to celebrate such a remarkable event. Firth got so drunk that he forgot his Oscar Award in a hotel. In the morning, he rushed to contact the staff and with some effort managed to return it.

L. DiCaprio

It had been a relatively long time that iconic actor DiCaprio wasn’t awarded an Oscar. However, the time he eventually got the award, he managed to lose it a short time after the nomination. He accidentally left it in the restaurant where the celebration took place. When it was the time to leave the restaurant, he forgot his Oscar inside but, luckily, his friends reminded him of it.


As it is known, legendary and beloved actress Jolie got an Oscar Award at the dawn of her drizzling career in the film industry. Meanwhile, the woman hasn’t found it after giving it to her mother who didn’t manage to tell Jolie where she hid the statuette. So her house was sold and the actress hasn’t found it until today.

M. Damon

Matt was nominated for an Oscar after the popular film “Good Will Hunting”. The talented actor definitely deserved the statuette but, unluckily, lost the award due to the fire in his flat.

N. Portman

For her legendary role in the film “Black Swan”, Portman was given the long-waited award. Whereas when the actress is asked about her Awards, Portman says that she has no idea where exactly they are and it seems like the woman doesn’t really appreciate such things.

Have you ever lost anything valuable?