“Their happiness recognized no limits”: To this family with 10 boys an adorable girl was eventually born

To this unique family in which there were 10 boys, a girl was finally born!

The baby who was born to this family a couple of years ago was named Rotagaid who was actually the 10th boy the spouses have had. The only female in this unique family of Brett was only their mother.

Imagine the couple’s surprise and endless happiness once they learnt that they were going to have a baby girl! In fact, the 11th pregnancy was not planned, yet the spouses decided not to interrupt it and now they, fortunately, regret nothing!

The father of 11 adorable children is a railroad engineer, a job where they reside and employees are not entitled to full child support.

The family’s regular day is as follows: at 5.30 am the father goes to work and the mother makes coffee and quickly takes a shower before their children wake up and the daily duties begin. According to the mother-heroine, they use their washing machine 49 times a week and vacuum 6 times a day. The woman’s goal is to be a part-time fitness trainer in the nearest future.

As soon as the awesome and long-waited baby girl was born, the 10 boys’ attitude completely changed and they do their best to protect their sister and make her happy.

Little Cameron is fortunate enough to have her ten brothers by her side!


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