«Their charm is everlasting»: Rare photos showing how our idols looked in the 1990s and how they have changed over years

Here are exclusive photos of Aniston, Roberts and other stars in their youthful years

When we take a look at these world-class, famous and legendary stars, it is rather hard to realize that most of them are already over 50, yet still look amazing remaining idols for millions across the world. Today, we will show archive photos of today’s stars.

It is astonishing to realize how they managed to retain their unique beauty, charm and gracefulness over these long years being listed among the «ageless» beauties of our time.

J. Roberts

J. Aniston

C. Crawford

J. Lopez

H. Berry

M. Bellucci

C. Blanchett

What do you think are the beauty secrets of these celebrities?

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