«The youngest Grammy winner in history»: For the composition «Blanchard: Fire Shut Up in My Bones», Russel became the absolute-winner

13-year-old Russel III received the Grammy Award in the «Best Opera Recording»

The youngest absolute-winner at the 65th Grammy Awards became, surprisingly, not a singer, but a 13-year-old actor who received the honorable statuette.

Recall that legendary musician Michael Jackson received a nomination at the age of 12, whereas had never been the winner.

The young star was in a vibrant yellow three-piece suit with a black shirt and a matching bow. It is relevant to add that he received two nominations and the second is «Best Musical Theater Album» for brilliantly participating in the musical MJ.

The incredibly talented boy played young Michael Jackson, yet received the awards as a performer of the opera.

One of the gifted boy’s most favorite quotes is «Just try something new. Don’t be afraid. Get out of your comfort zone and soar, okay?».

Do you think he truly deserved the nominations he has received?

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