The youngest daughter of «Terminator»: Here is a producer, volunteer and the talented heiress of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is what a beauty the youngest heiress of Arnold Schwarzenegger has grown into

Unlike the children of most of well-known and successful stars, the youngest heiress of the great actor A. Schwarzenegger well-known for his role in «Terminator» decided not to follow her father’s career footsteps connecting her life with cinema.

Believe it or not, she once became the producer of a movie about the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder and, undoubtedly, did a great job.

Interestingly enough, Christina has suffered this disease since her early childhood. Apart from producing, she openly supported promoting her sister’s book on social media as well as raised funds to contribute to the solutions of global warming.

In spite of her parents’ divorce, the charming girl is in a close relationship with both of her parents and, currently, Schwarzenegger’s 31-year-old heiress is among one of the most mysterious children of Hollywood celebrities.


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