“The world’s prettiest girl then and now”: How the model considered the most beautiful girl on Earth looks today

This is how the loveliest model on Earth has changed over these years

Meet Anastasia Knyazeva, an absolutely adorable Russian model who could win everyone’s heart with her unearthly beauty, charm and cuteness. No one could stay indifferent toward her radiant blue eyes and gorgeous golden curly hair. Whereas recently, when the recent photos of the model have been shared, netizens ensured that the photos of Anastasia were, in fact, retouched and didn’t depict her natural beauty.

Many couldn’t believe their eyes seeing “the world’s loveliest girl” today claiming that she’s become completely unrecognizable disappointing with her current look.

“Used to be an unreal beauty”, “She is now hard to recognize”, “Her photos were definitely retouched”, “From an angel to an ordinary teenager”, “Looks rather plain”.

“She used to be an absolutely unique girlie”.

How did you like Nastya’s current appearance?

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