The «Wednesday» star’s charming mother: The leading character of the series «Wednesday» posted touching photos with her parents

Are you ready to see the parents of Jenna Ortega, the star of the series «Wednesday»?

Here is youthful, but gifted, talented and charismatic actress, the leading character of the series «Wednesday» who was born to a large family. Besides her, Ortega’s parents have 5 more kids about whom little information is known in the media.

Here are Jenna Ortega’s parents Edward and Natalie who have Puerto and Mexican roots, not American as many might think given the fact that their heiress gained fame in the US.

What concerns Natalie, she is a kind-hearted nurse who was among those heroic staff who offered their help to those who were seriously injured because of a fatal earthquake in Haiti.

It is worth mentioning that Natalie helped a poor Haitian woman to give birth during the tragic accident becoming a true heroine of whom her daughter is really proud.

The popular young actress has recently delighted her fans posting heartwarming archival photos with her parents.

Have you watched the popular series «Wednesday»?

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