“The unsurpassable power of genes!”: The similarity between these relatives is simply incredible

The similarity between these people and their children will leave you speechless

There is a stereotype that people mainly inherit the features of appearance from their parents, whereas the recent studies state that people can appear to look much like their distant ancestors as well. This not only concerns the general appearance, it can also be birthmarks, moles or some parts of their face or body. The similarity of these people with their parents will undoubtedly amaze all of you.

The exact copy of his father!

Such an incredible similarity between a father and his heir!

K. J. Gerber, Crawford’s daughter (on the right)

1965 and 2014. The heiress looks so much like her mom!

The similarity between this boy and his father.

The same cute curly hair!

Maya Hawk and Uma Thurman (her mother)

Deva definitely inherited the best from her legendary mother.

What can you say?

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