The “ugliest” girl became the icon for millions: The incredible story of the unique girl born with a rare condition

How the girl believed to be the ugliest on Earth became the icon for millions

Her life slogan – “Just smile and never cease to be yourself”

Meet the unique girl born with an extremely rare condition who is often regarded “the world’s ugliest woman” which was the reason she determined to completely change her attitudes towards life and currently encourages millions of people to accept themselves the way they are.

She was born to an ordinary family in 1989. It should be noted that all the doctors claimed that the girl wouldn’t walk or talk and would always need constant care and help from others.

They even rushed to suggest her parents ending the pregnancy whereas the spouses determined to save their daughter’s life providing her with everything required.

Once she started to attend a kindergarten, the absolutely unique girl grew aware of the fact that she was different from the others there.

Being constantly scolded by her peers, the girl was wondering why her classmates laughed at her. However, her concerned parents always claimed that they criticized her only for her thinness.

“Your life depends only on you!”.

Currently, our heroine has 800 thousand followers on social media and over 10 million views.

Being inspired by her incredible life story, a film was released condemning aggression and bullying. And soon, a great book entitled “Do not be afraid to be kind” was published.

It is worth mentioning that her cherished dreams have already realized, except for one. The young girl hasn’t get married yet, but doesn’t lose her hope.

She earns her living by delivering motivating speeches at schools, kindergartens and conferences. The girl wants parents of today to pay more attention to their children, often talk to them and find out whether they are actually mentally healthy or not.

One may say that Lizzy is among those who changed many people’s attitudes and mindset.

What are your impressions about Lizzy?