«The target of bullying is now a supermodel»: Despite everyone’s judgment and bullying, this unique girl became a supermodel

People were scared of her unique appearance and she has become a supermodel

Though the childhood years are considered to be the most carefree and delightful ones for people, there are some who have had extremely difficult times experiencing anxiety, depression and betrayal. Today’s incredible story is about one of them.

Here is the absolutely unique girl who would probably give everything to erase all her childhood memories since she had to face criticism and judgement due to her unusual and non-standard appearance. Her childhood years were full of mockery and agony.

She had hardly any friends since she possessed such appearance that scared everyone off. At that time, she had two options to consider – either to accept her image and lead a normal way of life, or remain completely alone with all her feelings.

When she was already grown-up, many started to take a great interest in her as her unusual appearance appealed to them and was mysterious and attractive at the same time. Many advertising companies wanted to collaborate with the unique girl.

And, suddenly, the «ugly duckling» as everyone called her, managed to become a popular and in-demand model. Currently, people’s opinions are divided concerning her appearance, yet only few can pass by her unique image.

The girls’ main goal is to encourage others, who don’t correspond to today’s beauty standards or have some disorders concerning the appearance, to never give up, accept and love themselves no matter what.

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