The star of «Lolita» is not the same little girl!: This is what actress Swain looks like now

This is how the actress has changed since 1997 🤔🧐

Most of you probably know the iconic star of «Lolita», a 1997’s film which brought its actors and actresses world fame and recognition. Many have been wondering how the stars have changed since then.

For those who don’t know, the leading star made her debut in the action movie «Face Off» excellently portraying the heiress of the character played by J. Travolta.

However, it was the movie «Lolita» that brought this youthful actress fame and popularity across the world. The movie was directed by A. Lyne and quickly became a hit at that time.

Surprisingly enough, the actress was only 15 when she starred in the movie. They were, of course, intimate scenes as well, yet a double body was used and it was the girl’s mother who controlled the whole process.

Though she kept acting in movies, she failed to achieve as great success as with this movie. It is worth mentioning that it was initially N. Portman who was offered to play the role, yet she refused to.

The most recent films she has starred in include «Eminence Hill». It stands to reason that she has changed beyond recognition.

The outstanding actress has a boyfriend named J. Harr, yet the couple doesn’t have children yet.

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