“The standards of beauty”: Women who were considered iconic beauties in the 20th century and now

Let’s compare the women who were the embodiment of beauty then and now

Everyone will definitely agree that beauty is a matter of subjectivity. We should always bear in our mind that each and every person is unique in their own way and it depends on people’s tastes as well. For one, a certain person can seem to be unearthly beautiful and unique, for another, absolutely ordinary and uninteresting. Whereas it is worth mentioning that there have been, to some extent, standards of beauty then and now.

In the past, natural look and being well-groomed were highly appreciated, or we can even say prioritized. Women who put on minimum cosmetics and possessed “right” facial features were considered beautiful. Whereas what do we have now? Thick lips? Heavy makeup? Let’s now compare the embodiments of female beauty in the 20th century and now.

The difference is enormous!

The standards of beauty have definitely changed a lot!

Natural look is now less appreciated.

Whereas not everyone agrees.

This is just a matter of taste!

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