«The scandalous love affair with a Russian pianist»: After 30 years of marriage, Gibson divorced his wife to be with this Russian girl 

This is how Gibson’s new beloved looks because of whom he divorced his wife

It is relevant to mention that legendary M. Gibson and actress R. Moore married back in 1980 and were regarded one of the Hollywood’s exemplary and brightest couples. Whereas, believe it or not, after almost three decades of being inseparable, the prominent actor decided to divorce Moore.

The main reason for their breakup lies in Gibson’s love affair with a youthful Russian pianist O. Grigorieva because of whom their long-lived marriage was ruined. The already ex-wife of the well-known actor couldn’t tolerate his betrayal and they rushed to sign a contract for divorce.

According to media reports, the entire divorce process cost the man a half million dollars and their scandalous divorce has long been actively discussed.

However, the famous actor couldn’t find happiness with Oksana too with whom he broke up a year later.

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