«The same fabulous sky-blue eyes!»: The public appearance of Daniel Craig with his daughter let no one remain indifferent

The resemblance between actor Daniel Craig and his daughter is something beyond

Among the attendees of the premiere of the second part of the film «Knives Out: The Glass Onion» became great actor D. Craig who brilliantly played the leading role. The legendary movie star appeared with his heiress, actress Ella Loudon.

The remarkable event was held at Royal Festival Hall where Craig appeared in a classic navy blue suit, leather shoes, a snow-white shirt and a matching blue tie. What concerns his heiress, she was dressed in a feminine black dress with a V-neckline.

The elegant hairstyle and cream-colored shoes completed her stunning image.

No one could remain indifferent toward the spectacular appearance of the father and his daughter. Though the man married again early in the 1990s, he openly supported his ex-wife and took an active part in his daughter’s upbringing.

Currently, Craig is married to «The Mummy» star R. Weisz who began their relationship in 2010 and secretly got married in 2011. The name of their child who was born in 2018 remains unknown.

What concerns Ella, she has become a talented actress, successful model and TV presenter.

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