«The runway icon with bigger hips and belly!»: The «America’s Next Top Model» host ceased to look like herself

The fans hardly recognized one of the 2000s’ iconic supermodels in recent photos 😱😳

The show «America’s Next Top Model» was loved by absolutely everyone. Millions of people were excitedly waiting for the new seasons and unique candidates. Here is T. Banks who served as a role model for all girls and women in the 2000s.

Already at her 17 she was world-renowned and successful. Her absolutely beautiful features and stunning body shape hardly let anyone stay indifferent. The legendary model collaborated with such great fashion brands as Chanel, Dior, etc.

However, the appearance of the runway icon has changed dramatically in recent years. She considerably gained weight and her hips became noticeably bigger.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, she was obsessed with junk food and easily gained 11 extra kilos.

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