«The record holder on Instagram!»: Everyone’s favorite Selena celebrates her new record on social media

Selena became the new record holder on Instagram shortly after sharing an «honest» selfie

Many strongly hold the opinion that talented, world-renowned and successful singer and actress S. Gomez has changed a lot because of the disease with is diagnosed with. Lupus causes big problems for her and due to it Selena has noticeably rounded.

Meanwhile, her excess weight failed to prevent her from being in the spotlight and sincerely admired by millions.

It should be mentioned that the legendary performer has recently celebrated her record on Instagram having 400 million subscribers which sounds something insane. She deservedly became the new record holder on Instagram and could impress everyone.

Her courageous act to show herself with no cosmetics on was greatly appreciated by her loyal fans who couldn’t stop admiring the performer.

However, many were quick to claim that this doesn’t deny the fact that she has changed beyond recognition and now there is nothing left of her former beauty.

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