«The queen of the neckline is here!»: No one could remain indifferent to the extravagant appearance of Hayek

All eyes at the Film Festival were on Hayek’s revealing dress with a deep neckline 🥹😍

Just recently, several successful and world-renowned celebrities made a spectacular appearance on the Red Carpet. The husband of the Mexican actress accompanied her without leaving her alone even for a second.

The gorgeous outfit of Hayek consisted of an extravagant blackberry-colored dress and luxurious jewelry. What concerns her husband, he chose a black suit, a white shirt and a bow.

The final touch to her iconic look became her luxurious diamond necklace. Overall, the outfit perfectly emphasized her attractive body.

Most of her fans were simply delighted with her magnificent appearance adding that it was illegal to look that good in the 50s. Nevertheless, some strongly disliked her outfit considering it too vulgar and extravagant.

Some are convinced that she has undergone surgeries too since, according to them, her face simply couldn’t look so flawless and wrinkle-free.


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