«The Pretty Woman through years!»: An incredible pic showing the star next to her younger self

The hit film «Pretty Woman» star has no plans to age and still looks amazing 😳😍

This notable and successful actress definitely knows how to maintain her beauty and charm over years. The following photo serves as evidence that this film star has no plans to age yet and still looks gorgeous for her age.

Today, with the help of artificial intelligence, people create photos showing show business stars posing with their younger selves. The photos were created of T. Hanks, Pink and Ford as well.

In the hit movie her iconic co-star was R. Gere who brilliantly portrayed one of the leading characters. The film was definitely a success and became a classic.

She was posing in a magnificent gown and delighted all her fans with her timeless beauty and femininity.

She elegantly posed near a window. She was holding a small glass in her right hand.

Here she is at the Met Gala in 2008 posing with G. Armani. She drew everyone’s special attention in her minimalistic silver-colored gown.

It is worth mentioning that she is a caring wife and dedicated mother of three. Here is the beautiful family!

She has happily been married to the cinematographer in 2000.

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