«The Pretty Woman is not the same»: The rare vacation shots of Hollywood actress Roberts in a bodysuit let no one remain indifferent

Far not everyone was delighted with these vacation shots of the «Pretty Woman» star

However hard it is to realize, the iconic «Pretty Woman» star, the legendary Hollywood actress and the mother of three, is already 54 since there is no denying that Roberts still looks amazing and much younger.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that far not everyone was delighted with these exclusive vacation shots of the Hollywood diva. A number of network users are convinced that the actress has lost her former charm, yet her fans are sure she looks fantastic.

Let’s just admit that Roberts at 54 looks her best and unsurpassable!

Her vacation photos in a pink bodysuit let no one remain indifferent. They got a great number of likes, warm reactions and positive comments.

Do you think the Hollywood actress still looks attractive in a bodysuit?


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