“The muscular Barbie!”: When seeing this girl’s angelic face, one hardly can guess that she is a weightlifter

Looking at her face makes it hard to believe that she possesses a muscular body

When we look at this adorable girl’s angelic smile, we probably won’t ever think that she might have such an athletic and muscular figure. However, the first glance can’t always be true.

The whole thing is that Vince has always taken a great interest in sports, particularly in powerlifting. The following photos are taken from her popular Instagram page.

She is well-known as “A muscular Barbie”.

It should be noted that the absolutely unique girl is from Engels and will soon turn 25. Her obsession with sports didn’t start from her early childhood years as, at that time, she used to take a great interest in music.

Whereas at the age of 15, when she clearly realized that she was extremely thin and weak, many strongly advised her to take up weightlifting.

In the course of time, her body was gradually undergoing changes and her parents approved of her hobby as well.

Initially, she was training on her own, but then with a coach who appeared to be a professional powerlifter.

As soon as she saw the first fantastic outcomes, she became literally unstoppable.

It is worth mentioning that years ago Vince successfully scored a landmark victory. The talented girl even participated in the world championship taking the first place in weight category.

And it has already been 8 years she has been actively engaged in sports. It should be noted that Vince has changed greatly since then.

Currently, she is not only an expert in weightlifting, but also eagerly encourages the learners via her own website. She helps her followers a lot in achieving their goals and getting desirable outcomes.

There have been different opinions about her non-standard body: some highly praise the girl admiring her flawlessness, some are still wondering why she has “ruined” her beauty.

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