«The Mad Eye in real life»: Here is how actor Gleeson has changed since the release of the series

This is what a handsome man was hiding behind this character in «Harry Potter» 😳🤗

This notable actor’s debut in this series brought him overall fame and recognition. The character was brilliantly portrayed by B. Gleeson who is, believe it or not, already 65.

Few know that he was an educator before his drizzling acting career. The first movie he appeared in was «Braveheart». The number of films he has worked on is about 70.

Whereas most viewers remember him for his role in «Harry Potter». The movie star still appears on the big screen. What concerns his personal life, he has 4 sons 2 of whom have already pursued a career of an actor.

It stands to reason that with his charisma, brilliant acting and incredible talent he deeply impresses everyone even today.


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