The little boy from «Life is Beautiful» has grown up: This is what a heartthrob Giorgio Cantarini has become

After the photos of 26-year-old Cantarini, fans fall in love with him at first sight 😍

Here is the little star from «Life is Beautiful» excellently played by G. Cantarini who received the Young Artist Award. Many remember him from «Gladiator» as well after which he was accepted by the Experimental Center for Cinematography.

The incredibly talented little boy has grown up and one of his latest works was «Lamborghini: Man of Legend». The guy has become a real heartthrob and hardly anyone stays indifferent towards him.

Everything radically changed when the pandemic began and he had no choice but to leave Italy and temporarily work in a call center. He then continued delighting the fans with his incredible talent and charisma.


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