“The list of the most attractive men of our era”: The most handsome men on Earth who are still conquerors of hearts

Here are the world’s most attractive men who still win millions of hearts

According to the recent investigation of the well-known magazine People, the most handsome and attractive men have officially been selected. It should be noted that more than 30 candidates were absolutely worthy of the title, whereas some of them, of course, managed to surpass the others with their handsomeness and popularity. So, here are legendary male stars who have received this honorable title.

At the age of 44, D. Johnson became the absolute winner of the competition in 2016. The legendary man is currently 49.

It was in 2015 that David Beckham was titled “the most gorgeous man on Earth” being amongst the world’s most popular men. Now, Beckham is already 49.

Being 31, legendary K. Hemsworth successfully received the honorable title and, currently, the great man is 38.

Now being already 42, A. Levin was selected as the hottest and most attractive man of our time at the age of 34. Though the man has changed significantly, he still remains a conqueror of female hearts.

In 2012, Ch. Tatum was definitely worthy of this title. Now he is already 41 and is rather hard to recognize.

36-year-old B. Cooper was considered “the most handsome man in 2011”. And just look at him now! He has become even more attractive!

Reynolds took the first place in this competition at the age of 34 in 2010. Currently, the man is already 46.

Though being listed among the world’s most attractive men, Depp, despite his age, still remains the icon for millions.

At the age of 40, H. Jackman became the holder of this title. Though 13 years have already passed, the great man still wins hearts.

Regardless of already being in his 50s, Damon was regarded the most handsome man in 2007.

Being 45, Clooney was selected as the most attractive man and now, in his 60s, his appearance hasn’t changed for worse.

Meet McConaughey who won this title at the age of 36. Currently, the man is already in his 50s.

No one can argue that at the age of 31, Lowe possessed a fantastic and desirable appearance. Meanwhile, he now looks like an ordinary senior man, according to many.

Depp is among those few ones who have received not only one, but two awards for his handsomeness. It is worth mentioning that at the age of 40 he first received the title.

The moment Affleck gained the title he was already 30. Currently, the legendary man is almost 50.

In 2001, Brosnan was believed to be the most handsome and iconic male on our planet. Look at him now at the age of 68!

It stands to reason that Depp is amongst the most legendary and successful actors on Earth who has been titled “the most handsome man” for many times.