«The legends of cinema world in youth!»: Here are photos showing what today’s overall-known stars looked like in youth

This is what everyone’s favorite movie stars looked like in youth: Archive photos

However sad it may be for many of us, most of our favorite film stars from our childhood have already aged and some are even beyond recognition. It is hard to see our childhood idols in most of them, yet they are still highly praised and respected.

Currently, many of them have wrinkles, folds and other age-related changes on their faces and not only. We have selected their before-and-after photos showing how they have changed in these years.

W. Dafoe

K. Spacey

K. Cattrall

D. Trejo

D. Norris

T. O’Quinn

S. Tucci

J. Lee Curtis

J. Reno

D. Sutherland

V. Mortensen

J. Lange

J. Bridges

M. Rourke

B. Kingsley

K. Bates

M. Mikkelsen

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