The inseparable relationship these unique girls with alopecia formed is definitely something out of this world

These adorable girls with alopecia formed an inseparable bond as soon as they met

One of these girls brilliantly plays lacrosse and looks absolutely healthy and strong, whereas, as we all can clearly witness, she possesses no hair on her head.

The girl, in stark contrary to most people’s opinions, doesn’t have cancer. She is devoid of her hair because of a rare disease called alopecia.

Unfortunately, this once-in-a-lifetime disease has a direct impact on one’s hair’s growth and people who suffer from this condition lose their hair.

Until the age of 6, Carson had hair on her head. Meanwhile, she is completely bald since then.

Miraculously, Carson met Scarlett who was much older than her and, believe it or not, had alopecia as well.

These two immediately formed an inseparable and intimate relationship and got emotionally attached to each other. Carson is now often visited by Scarlett who buys her ice cream, sweeties and makes her feel complete and happier.

As she definitely knows how it is to suffer from alopecia, Scarlett never ceases to support Carson and help her overcome her insecurities and obstacles on her way.

They are currently each other’s closest friends and biggest supporters.

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