“The iconic Hollywood actress is no more the same”: The way Roberts has changed left everyone speechless

Outstanding actress Roberts gained weight and greatly surprised her fans

It should be noted that, regardless of the fact that one of the Hollywood well-known, legendary and desirable actresses has already turned 55, she definitely can still compete with much younger celebrities since it is hard to think of anyone else with a sincerer and more beautiful smile than that of her. Still, her unearthly beauty, femininity and talent are highly appreciated by millions all over the world.

However, the recent shots taken by photojournalists literally shocked the netizens as Roberts looked rather plump and the iconic and charming diva has changed beyond recognition.

The dissatisfaction of her followers was reflected in the comment section where many rushed to complain that she stopped taking care of herself and the Hollywood actress is no more the same. Yet, some of her loyal fans stood up for the film star being sure that the woman is, undoubtedly, worthy of admiration.

“Is this actually her?”, “She has never been this much plump!”, “Roberts used to be a delicate and miniature girl”, “In my opinion, she has remained the same legendary actress”, “She was, is and will always be the icon of beauty”.

What can you add about the appearance of the Hollywood actress?


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