«The iconic brunet is now a gray-haired grandfather»: The rare footage of 73-year-old Gere became the subject of discussions

Here are new photos of the «Hachi. A Dog’s Tale» star with gray hair and an aged look

Here are recent paparazzi photos of prominent and successful actor R. Gere, best-remembered for his role in «Hachi: A Dog’s Tale», that didn’t let anyone remain indifferent. The rare footage raised questions and became the subject of discussions.

Many hardly recognized the legendary movie star who has noticeably aged. His hair has already gone completely gray and he seemed to have lost his enthusiasm.

«I can’t believe my eyes! Is this even him?», «Time flies before our eyes», «He has remained the same handsome and attractive actor from my youth».

«How charming his wife is! I can’t!», «Nothing has left of the heartthrob».

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