«The iconic blonde got fat and is hard to recognize!»: The way 1990s’ film star Silverstone has changed surprised the fans

One of the hottest 1990s’ actresses has got fat and changed beyond recognition

Everyone is probably familiar with this iconic, successful and charming actress A. Silverstone who was regarded one of the main film stars in the 1990s. Her incredible talent and unearthly beauty let no viewer remain indifferent.

Gradually, her drizzling career came to an end and she appeared in movies less and less often. Her appearance in public became rarer as well. That’s why her current appearance came as a big surprise.

The latest paparazzi photos of the celebrity quickly went viral and many even refused to believe that this plump and unattractive woman is Silverstone.

Some claimed that she has changed beyond recognition within a year and even participated in some minor projects. However now, nothing is left of the 1990s iconic blonde.

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