«The hottest superheroine disappointed her fans!»: The way Johansson appeared at the premiere caused a stir

Johansson chose an unsuccessful dress that emphasized her big belly and chubby arms 😳😱

One of the most sought-after stars and the most attractive actress of Hollywood according to men has recently made a splash with her appearance at the premiere of «City of Asteroids». She is best remembered for portraying superheroines in films.

The way she looks like after having her second child came as a surprise. Many hold the opinion that she will never return to her former body shape. Some noticed that she changed her team of stylists who, according to the fans, chose an unsuccessful dress.

The white tight-fitting dress didn’t look very good on her and emphasized her big belly and plump arms.

Though she sincerely smiled, many noticed that she herself didn’t feel comfortable and confident in that dress.

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