“The hottest parents on Earth”: The long-waited appearance of Rihanna and her husband in unusual outfits

After their baby’s birth, Rihanna and her husband appeared at a reggae festival

Recently, shortly after the birth of their baby, the legendary singer and her husband whose true name is Rakim Myers appeared at a concert in rather extraordinary outfits greatly surprising the public.

Even after becoming parents, the iconic parents still continue attending concerts, shows and this time it was a local reggae festival. Many noted that the spouses were dressed in a pretty unusual way. Rihanna appeared with braids, makeup with her lips highlighted and a glamorous mini red dress.

The provocative dress of the star of “Ocean’s 8” was decorated with roses revealing her stunning legs. Her fans were delighted noticing she has considerably lost weight and managed to quickly get in shape after delivering the baby. The iconic woman completed her look with a red vintage bag and high-heeled shoes.

What concerns A$AP, the young father appeared in a long-sleeve shirt resembling a man’s naked body as well as breeches, stylish sneakers and a panama.

This is how their fans reacted to their long-waited appearance: “The hottest parents on Earth”, “I adore RiRi’s confidence and her man’s stylishness”, “They are adorable!”, “Rihanna managed to quickly lose weight, wow”, “They are so cool”.

How did you like the stylish outfits of the singer and her husband?


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