«The heart doesn’t see, it only feels»: The scandalous photos of Al Pacino with his girlfriend became the subject of discussions

The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Al Pacino with his young lover

This world-renowned star has proven one more time that age is simply a number of him since, being already 82, he enjoys his life to the fullest and has been dating a young girl for almost a year. Can you even believe?

Here is 29-year-old N. Alfalla who is a producer. Many were quick to harshly criticize the couple since for the man she could easily be a granddaughter.

However, it seems as if dating old men is not a problem for her as all. She is believed to prefer older ones given the fact that at the age of 23, she was dating C. Eastwood.

As the young producer admits. «The heart doesn’t see, it only feels. The heart responds to feelings and age is not important at all».

The recent paparazzi photos of the non-standard couple made a splash and, despite the criticism concerning their big age difference, many noticed that they didn’t look happy at all.

As is known, the legendary man is quite strict with the girl. It is him who insists her on wearing only dark and dim colors. What is more, he doesn’t prepare romantic surprises for her at all.

The ex-wife of the great actor admitted that the man was stingy which became the main reason for their divorce.

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