«The handsome man with an athletic body is hard to recognize»: The way actor Brendan Fraser has changed let no one remain indifferent

The new photos of the «Mummy» star weighing 270 kg left his fans speechless

For the sake of his role in Darren Aronofsky’s play Whale he radically changed his image and the A24 film studio’s Twitter account shared the very first behind-the-scenes photo of the actor.

It is worth mentioning that the great movie was included in the 79th Venice International Film Festival’s lineup and the film star’s head was all that was seen in the opening photos from the set. Yet, the way he changed over years caused a stir.

Keith narrated the story of Charlie who, due to his improper diet and the tragic breakup with his fiancée, reached up to 270 kg, which sounds rather unbelievable. His 17-year-old heiress accused him of betraying his family.

Here, it is relevant to mention that Fraser has gained much weight reaching 270 kg because of the accidents and personal life problems.

It is hard to believe that Brendan once used to possess an athletic and muscular body as a youth.

He suffered serious health-issues connected with his weight and was about to quit his job.

What is more, the film star suffered major injuries on the set of the third part of «Mummy» connected with his rib, an intervertebral disc rupture, knee and voice cords. He had to spend a lot of time in hospital which resulted in his overweight.

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