The granny feasts her 100th birthday with her sisters, who are 102 and 104

She celebrated her birthday at the place where they have been christened and married over the years.

Julia was born in 1917, Lucy in 1919, and Francis in 1921.

What could be more wonderful than a 100th birthday? If you ask Frances Compus, she will tell you that she is becoming 100 and her two older sisters are next to her.

The long-liver celebrated her great event together with Yulia Kopriva 104, and Lucy Pochop 102.

The trio of grannies has always had warm contact but a lot has converted since they grew up on a ranch located in Kansas in the early 1900s.

“It was good on the ranch,” Compus reported to USA Today. “I had a few geese to play with and even a few roosters to make pets.”

I just remember walking to school,” Pochop told KSNW. “It was about a mile and three-quarters. It was a long walk.”

“We passed the grassland, walked, and on the way back we stopped at the brook, caught frogs, and placed them in our pockets,” says Compus.

At that time, girls worked on the ranch in dresses because then girls commonly did not wear trousers.

“What I recall well is that my dad didn’t have modern tractors,” Kopriva said. “We hauled gasoline and petrol out of the field in five-gallon pails.”

These women survived the Great Depression as well as the Dust Bowl. “From time to time, it was dark. Teachers would call my parents and, you know, they would come and pick us up from school,” Kopriva said.

“Back then, we had old houses, and my mom always put damp towels downstairs so that the filth didn’t get in so much. The younger generation can’t believe what we’ve overcome. We work today but in those days we worked more.”

They say that presently everything is much better than in their youth.

“We have fridges as well as freezers,” Pochopp said: “We didn’t have that in those days.”

The sisters recall eating ordinary homemade dishes when they were little when food was not always abundant.

“We always had home-cooked bread, just potatoes, gravy as well as meat. The oven in these ovens was hard. It was hard to preserve the temperature. Even if it didn’t work out, we still ate,” Kopriva said.

Although the sisters did not eat fancy food, they did eat good food, which they said: “had been around for a while.”

Each of them gave some advice to the younger generation.

“And pray and attempt to stay away from evil,” Kopriva said.

“I would advise them to walk a lot,” Compus said.

“I think belief is above all and I’m thankful to my parents and grandparents,” Kopriva told KSNW.

Compus was on cloud nine to feast her 100th birthday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church located in Atwood, where she and her sisters have been christened, confirmed as well as married over the years.

“I liked it,” Compus said. “It was a great event.”

Find out more about these three sisters in the clip below.

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