«The future supermodel is here»: The way the 16-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Holmes looks deserves special attention

The fans were delighted with the sight of the teenage heiress of Cruise and Holmes

There is definitely a reason why people are convinced that others’ kids grow up much faster than their own. It seems as if the photos of little Suri delighted the fans days ago making it hard to believe that she has already turned 16 becoming a real beauty.

When she was still a little child it was already quite obvious that Suri would turn into an unearthly beauty winning millions of hearts with her charm. Many hold the opinion that she will soon become a model since it’s difficult to resist her beauty.

Suri looks much like her parents having inherited the best features from both of them. Here, it is relevant to mention that since the spouses are, unfortunately, divorced, Cruise took little part in her upbringing as their meetings used to be rather rare.

Unlike those who are more than sure that she will soon conquer the world of modeling, many fail to see anything unique and special in her.

«Okay. She is pretty. But why does she look 35?», «A future supermodel, for sure», «A drizzling career is waiting for her, Suri», «How adorable she is».

What can you say about the legendary actor’s daughter? Share your impressions below!


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