«The former symbol of attractiveness is hard to recognize»: The way Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks now will leave you speechless

The fans were surprised to see how the star of «The Tudors» has changed over years

It is needless to say that one of the world’s most successful, desirable and in-demand models and actors Rhys Meyers has conquered both the modeling and film industry attracting dozens of designers, producers as well as millions of female hearts.

However, the legendary man’s appearance has undergone some radical changes making the former symbol of attractiveness look totally unrecognizable.

After his mother’s loss, the prominent actor became an alcoholic and suffered for many years. For many times the great man shared some intimate details concerning his personal life as well as problems and issues that bothered him the most.

According to many, the iconic star from «The Tudors» has noticeably changed and, as some remarked, now looks like a retired man. Yet, the movie star still takes an active part in a number of TV shows and films.

Do you think he has changed beyond recognition?

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