«The forever muse of Vogue!»: The iconic image of Robbie on the cover of a famous magazine delighted the fans

The Barbie-inspired image of Robbie for Vogue captivated everyone 😍

This charming and incredibly talented 32-year-old actress has lately appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine. For those who don’t know, she brilliantly played in the movie «Barbie» that will soon be released.

The dusky-pink dress adored with sparkling stones she appeared in made her look unforgettable. Her makeup was light and her curls perfectly complemented her image.

The second image was in a lavender dress and one black stiletto sandal. She was posing with a giant ruler and looked mysterious and fantastic.

Her polka dot bodysuit, stylish sunglasses and scarlet manicure charmed everyone.

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