«The Fifth Element» stars then and now: Here are the iconic stars of the film «The Fifth Element» 25 years ago and today

This is how the cult actors and actresses from «The Fifth Element» have changed

It stands to reason that the great film «The Fifth Element» was truly a breakthrough being a great success and becoming the most favorite picture for millions. The movie was released back in 1997 and was directed by the talented L. Besson.

Though 25 years have already passed since its release, the movie still remains one of the greatest and most-viewed ones and is still loved by millions. Here are the cult actors and actresses who brilliantly starred in the film.

Unfortunately, some of them have already left us, yet still live in our hearts and memories.

Korben – B. Willis (67)

Leela – M. Jovovich (46)

Zorg – G. Oldman (64)

Ruby – C. Tucker (50)

David – C. Creed-Miles (50)

Cornelius – I. Holm (passed away in 2020 at the age of 88)

Lindbergh – T. Lister (passed away at the age of 62)

Plavalaguna – M. Le Bessko (45)

Billy – L. Perry (passes away at the age of 52 due to a heart attack)

Tricky – A. Toes (54)

Have you watched the great film? Whom did you like most?

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