«The famous Rambo’s heiresses have grown up!»: Here are the three charming heiresses of Stallone

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see what Stallone’s children look like now

This overall-recognized, successful and highly respected actor achieved incredible success and worldwide popularity after his role as Rambo. Few know that in the 1970s he was homeless.

However surprising it might seem, he didn’t have any place to stay in and, sometimes, slept at bus stations because of the severe cold. He first earned money by acting in an adult movie.

Once, he acted in a smart way that helped him gain fame and recognition. Many were ready to pay him much money for the scenario, yet he sold the scrips for 1 dollar insisting that he should play the leading role which, then, brought him three Oscars.

And here are the three daughters of the famous Rambo who have become successful models.

Sadly, his older daughter passed away in 2012. Her name was Sage.

The great movie star’s first marriage was to Sage’s mother, and the second one – actress and model B. Nielsen.

However, he is currently married to his third wife who gave him three princesses. His third partner became J. Flavin.

The three daughters were even awarded the Miss Golden Globe at the 74th Awards 6 years ago.

It is worth mentioning that Sophia and Sistine have lately participated in an advertising campaign.

They took part in Harper’s Bazaar show last summer.

The elder ones are students at the Southern California Uni and the youngest one still studies at a high school.

It stands to reason that the actor is truly proud of them all.

Here is the movie star with his three cuties.