«The exact copy of Lady Di»: The resemblance between Princess Diana and a blogger from Netherlands is incredible

Have you ever seen a real replica of legendary Princess Diana? Here she is

It goes without saying that late Princess Diana was one of the most influential, intelligent and beloved people of the nation often being called «Queen of people’s hearts». There is no denying that Diana Spenser made the lives of millions of people much better and enjoying. Though the iconic woman is now, regretfully, not with us, she is still adored by millions around the world. A number of films were written and created portraying the Princess, whereas none could totally depict the woman’s intelligence, kind-heartedness and generosity.

However, popular blogger Rose from Netherlands managed to successfully recreate the iconic image of the late Princess.

This 21-year-old blogger started experimenting with her appearance since 2021 when she was highly influenced by the unique style of the woman. She started to dress up like her restyling her whole wardrobe as well as lifestyle.

Since she had no idea how the public would react, she, initially, didn’t feel quite confident.

However, the fans of Lady Di were delighted with Rose’s look admitting that she truly looks like their favorite Princess.

Do you think they really look like each other?

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