«The evolution of show business stars»: These are legendary celebrities who have become even more beautiful over time

Here are world-renowned stars who have gained even more charm over the years

However surprising it might seem, almost all celebrities of today looked unattractive and even rather plain when they were young or still kids. One should bear in mind that they are ordinary people as we are and some were often called «ugly ducklings».

D. Beckham looks even more attractive and still steals the hearts of women.

So does his wife Victoria who is one of today’s iconic and most successful fashion designers.

Here is T. Swift in youth.

Did you recognize little K. Moss?

Believe it or not, D. Johnson used to have hair!

The incredible evolution of R. Downey Jr

This is what the world’s most beautiful woman looked like in youth!

Here is T. Cruise. Are you surprised?

And here is his ex-wife N. Kidman!

Meet J. Garner when she was still young.

Believe it or not, this is K. Perry in youth!

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