«The eternal Barbie is stuck at her 18!»: The recent photos of 40-year-old Hilton in close-up left no one indifferent

The fans couldn’t take their eyes off the agelessly beautiful Paris Hilton in recent photos

However surprising it may seem, the «eternal Barbie» of our generation has already turned 40. Regardless of her age, her ageless beauty and infantile style always make her look splendid and much younger than she actually is.

The celebrity is often called «a doll that is stuck at her 18». Many are more than sure that nothing has changed concerning her appearance since her 20s. Her flirtatious look usually in a mini can make no one tired of such unearthly beauty.

However, she has recently been photographed and her candid photos without retouching let no single one remain indifferent. Many strongly disliked her natural look without filters and rushed to note that age was already showing itself.

Though she wore heavy makeup, the wrinkles on her face were already visible. Here, she is posing with her cute little dog and hides «half» of her face with fashionable sunglasses.

Many are convinced that when she gets pregnant and gives birth, there won’t be anything left of her current appearance.

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