«The era of brow threads and natural makeup»: These exclusive photographs of Kardashians in the 1990s raised questions

Here are archive photos of Kim Kardashian and her sister you have never seen

Everyone knows this iconic and influential celebrity who serves as a role model for her 200 million followers on social media. The Instastar has recently hit the network with her exclusive archive photos where she appeared with very thin eyebrows.

Kim was with her sister Kourtney. Since the photo was taken in the 1990s, there still existed an era of very thin eyebrows and «natural» makeup. Everyone was in awe of the way their idol looked and rushed to leave comments.

«Fashion has a tendency to come back», «They look like twins with those identical eyebrows», «I want the 1990s back».

Also, many hold the opinion that this exclusive photo was taken when Kourtney hadn’t undergone rhinoplasty yet.

Other trends of the 1990s include hairpins, pigtails and leather coats. The style of women at that time greatly differed and the stereotypes of beauty were different.

Besides the Kardashians, A. Jolie, V. Beckham, J. Lopez and many others had such thin brows and were proud of that.

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