«The embodiment of elegance»: The way fashion designer Beckham looked in a gorgeous silk dress delighted everyone

No one could take their eyes off the toned figure of Beckham in a tight-fitted dress

It goes without saying that fashion designer V. Beckham has widely been believed to be the icon of style. There is no denying that the charming woman is endowed with not only a brilliant sense of style, but also stunning physique.

The recent appearance of the legendary fashion designer in an elegant silk dress left all her fans speechless. The tight-fitted garment perfectly emphasized her toned and slender body giving even more charm to the former Spice Girls singer.

Many were even quick to call her «Cinderella of our time». What concerns the husband of the iconic star, he was in a stylish outfit in blue shades. He chose jeans, a denim shirt and sunglasses.

«I can’t stop admiring the elegant look of the designer», «An exemplary family», «All of us have a lot to learn from you», «Has she drunk the potion of youth?».

What do you think of the enchanting look of the fashion designer?

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