«The cherry on the cake!»: The magnificent appearance of Hayek at the Met Gala with her husband delighted everyone

All eyes were on Hayek who appeared in a seductive red dress with a latex corset 😍

The appearance of this world-renowned and successful Mexican actress with her billionaire husband became the center of attention. The remarkable event they attended was dedicated to the late fashion designer.

The stunning appearance of the diva at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art made a deep impression on absolutely everyone there. It is worth mentioning that the «Bandidas» star was a close friend of the fashion designer.

Her gorgeous dress from Gucci with a latex corset and fluffy skirt delighted absolutely everyone. Her elegant hairdo and evening makeup with scarlet lips perfectly complemented her image.

She chose not to «overload» her look with extra heavy jewelry and it was definitely the right decision. She appeared with her husband who was in a classic three-piece suit with a bow tie.

It is worth mentioning that N. Kidman and her husband K. Urban attended the event too. The charming movie star opted the iconic dress from a 2004 Chanel advertisement.

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