The cat made friends with the neighbour’s dog and cat, who helped her in difficult times

The cat and her kittens were assisted by the neighbour’s dog and provided a place to live 

The cat named Maryona lived with her owners and they considered to spend their summer in the dacha.

The cat’s favourite pastimes are running around the grass, exploring different yards, climbing trees and hunting for mice. The cat also likes having new friends, so she easily befriended with the neighbour’s cat named Mora and dog named Ima.

The cat’s owners considered to left left her in the apartment when they came back to the city.

The kitty was absolutely well behaved animal, but sadly the new owner didn’t like her at first and she was taken out of the house. The kitty gave birth in November.

And the caring neighbour’s dog came for assistance just in time. The caring dog allowed the poor mother and her kittens live in her booth.

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