«The brightest outfit at Paris Fashion Week»: Singer Doja Cat broke all the records of creativity appearing covered in 30 000 crystals

Doja Cat’s unique image with 30 000 crystals on her body drew everyone’s attention

Many are well-aware of the fact that this overall-recognized and successful performer is fond of experimenting with all the patterns and colors and is distinguished by her absolutely unique individual style.

Her bright and eye-catching look at Paris Fashion Week in red Swarovski crystals that covered her whole body didn’t let anyone remain indifferent. The unique outfit she appeared in was called «never-seen-before».

A great number of people held the opinion that her image was rather frightening and terrifying and it first seems as if there is some kind of skin disease. Luckily, everything is alright with the popular singer. She simply wanted to draw attention.

Cat’s body from head to toe was covered in red crystals, her red skirt was made of hundreds of tiny balls and in the upper part of the body, Doja was wearing a tight-fitting red corset.

To say that her appearance caused a stir on network is nothing to say. With her extraordinary image the creative singer scared some people off since many were extremely afraid of a big cluster of holes called trypophobes.

The look of the well-known singer definitely wasn’t among her best ones according to netizens.

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